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SABINE POWER-Q ADF-4000 sound processor
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Sabine's ADF Series has provided sound engineers with a powerful array of digital audio shaping and processing tools. Now the new POWER-Q ADF-4000 combines the functions of seven separate products into one easy-to-use 2U package, and does it without the compromises of other multi-function units. 24-bit A/D processing and Analog Devices' new SHARC floating-point processor, give the POWER-Q unparalleled audio quality and flexibility. The POWER-Q's integrated features replace two full racks of gear, offering two channels of: Up to 12-band Parametric Equalizer, with Hi & Lo Pass Filters. 31-band Graphic Equalizer, with adjustable filter widths. Up to 12-band FBX-FeedbackExterminator, with adjustable sensitivity. Real Time Analyzer, full-featured & filter based, with reference mic input. Compressor/LimiterCompressor/Limiter, full featured. Noise Gate/Expander Noise Gate/Expander, full featured. Digital DelayDigital Delay for speaker alignment.


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2016-12-27 15:42:24
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